Color Empty

By Ashes-Onik
January 5th, 2018

in the dusken touch of horizon
myriad which manifest in our path
by shine of the moon and will of the all
a lightened night in oblivion's call.
when love is far and mystery is renewed
bid welcome to the rain.

in wake of solar flame and scorched night
with embers aglow in troubled memory
of fallen stars unburdened, we recall the sun
an embrace, with courage of new sight
a time to recover in the wind of life
bid welcome to the night.

bathed in a cloak of cloud
a cycle of life will cry its concern
risen is the soul that imparts motion
fallen is the one of new and old
in accord of now, open eyes can see
bid welcome to the day.


© 2022 Ashes-Onik