Hold and Presage

"To fear love, but not a monster... what horrors have you known?"

Hold and Presage is a story about trauma, its reverberation, and its ideal resolution. A lost young woman goes on a road trip before her expected demise and finds more than she bargained for. The world isn't what it seems. What do we bring with us on our journeys, and what do we leave behind?

This story began as a collaborative project that I hosted within a small online community. In an effort to challenge myself through my writing, I decided to write a second version of the story from a different angle. Plot points, characters and some story arcs have been altered to make a singular perspective of the story more palatable. It took some support from friends to retain confidence in the idea, so thanks to them, here we are.

Hold and Presage is an expansive work that touches upon some topics that one may find uncomfortable or triggering to those with anxiety-based disorders. You will find a content warning list HERE that will be updated as new chapters come out, to the best of my ability.

Chapter 1: Illumination
Chapter 2: Porcelain
Chapter 3: Monsters
Chapter 4: Geography
Chapter 5: Spine
Chapter 6: Wilderness (In progress!)


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